May 2018 Hawaii Real Estate News NOW (HRENN)

Episode Topics:
The Importance of Selecting a Good Lender: Dean’s story
Spring is the Best Time to Sell
China’s Petrodollar
Quantitative Easing – Tightening
Japan’s QE

Episode 2 (click here to watch)

April 2018 Hawaii Real Estate News NOW (HRENN)

Lane Kawaoka and I discuss current real estate statistics and leading indicators  (and what it means to you the investor), Interest Rate Trends, Economic News.

Episode 1 (click here to watch)


Back in July 2016, I was a guest on Mark Ferguson’s podcast. Listen as I discuss the details of how I first got started in real estate investing. I share my numbers and details to hopefully give you a good perspective of what investing in my markets are like and the various ways I used to find these deals accross the country.

Podcast #1

Podcast 56 Buying Rentals in the Mainland from Hawaii with Dean Ueda

In April 2018, Mark Ferguson from interviewed me again (kind of like a “where are they now” series). We talk about about my progress in the two years since the last interview.

Podcast 147: Follow-Up with Hawaii Real Estate Investor Dean Ueda